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Ogen is no ordinary lender.

Ogen is no ordinary lender. Ogen supplies affordable credit alongside financial guidance and expertise from our loan advisors and the partner organizations we work with. This helps borrowers make effective use of their loans, protecting donor and investor capital in the process.


Ogen understands the power of “people helping people.”  That is why Ogen works with the best and most like-minded partners to deliver our programs.”  Ogen’s partner organizations share their knowledge and help guide the people whose lives we touch.

We are proud to work with the following partners:

Goodwill Track Totals Since Launching in 2017

93 Loans

ILS 1.3 million lent

Goodwill Track

The Goodwill Track offers interest-free loans to lower income or so-called “riskier” borrowers who do not meet Ogen’s standard criteria and have nowhere else to turn for affordable credit.  For a Goodwill Track loan, access to capital is only one half of the solution.  Borrowers also undergo a program of financial literacy training with one of our trusted partner organizations, giving them the tools they need to pay back their loans and improve their lives.  Current partner organizations include: Katef L’Katef, a2b, The Orli and Guy Fund (from Israel’s flagship “The Morning Show with Orly and Guy”), and Yedid.

To date, since launching in 2017, Ogen has provided 93 Goodwill loans totaling ILS 1.3 million

A divorced mother who is a professional dancer and dance instructor, Dyna received only sporadic alimony and child support payments from her ex-husband and lacked consistent income from her work, making her ineligible for a standard Ogen loan.  As part of the financial plan she developed with Katef L’Katef, she secured a Goodwill Track loan to renovate her home and create a rental unit, in order to recruit tenants and earn consistent income.
“Thanks to Ogen, I am financially stable and proud to repay my loan each month while also saving money for my son’s future.”

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