Keren Shemesh

Keren Shemesh: Mentorship for Small Businesses

Keren-Shemesh, part of the Ogen Group since 2019, helps small business owners from Israel’s socio-economic periphery; people with drive and entrepreneurial ambition but far removed from Israel’s start-up nation elite.

Through personalized mentoring and a broad set of tools, training, subsidized services, workshops and connections, Keren-Shemesh helps people to grow, establish or rehabilitate their business and become leaders in their local economy and community.

With small businesses devastated by the economic effects of COVID-19, Keren- Shemesh has doubled its activity; launching a special rehabilitative track for businesses in crisis. Keren-Shemesh’s network of more than 900 active volunteer mentors have been on the frontline of helping small business owners and social entrepreneurs to withstand, adapt and rebuild in the wake of the coronavirus.

To learn more, visit Keren Shemesh’s site here.


With Israel’s vital non-profit sector reeling from the coronavirus shutdown, Keren Shemesh partnered with the Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel Venture Network and The National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII) to launch Ment-Or. The project works to mentor, train and equip a cadre of CEOs from Israel’s non-profit community with the skills and strategies to cope in the shadow of the coronavirus threat and its economic fallout.

To learn more, visit Keren Shemesh’s Ment-Or site here.

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