Ogen La’Bayit

Helping Young Families in Israel Buy Their First Home

The Housing Crisis – Israel’s Biggest Financial Challenge for Young People

A chronic shortage of available housing

A weak and unstable rental market
Home prices which have doubled in 10 years
Unreachable mortgage down-payment requirements of at least 25%

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Through free, expert financial analysis and close practical coaching, Ogen La’Bayit takes young hard-working Israelis from modest financial backgrounds and turns them into first-time homeowners and savers. For families without inherited wealth or deep financial expertise, this service is life-changing.

The Ogen La’Bayit team works with each family to:

Assess and analyze the family’s finances & feasiblity for homeownership
Improve on the family’s monthly savings and spending habits & repayment ability
Help the family to prepare its mortgage application
Provide (when needed) a supplementary loan to help with the down payment
Help the family find the right home for its needs and long-term financial health
Guide the family through the legal and technical process of buying a home

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Targeted Support for Ethiopian-Israelis
Ogen is making homeownership a reality for 300 Ethiopian-Israeli families annually through a groundbreaking partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israeli Ministry of Housing.

About Ogen La’Bayit

For many young and low-income families, the dream of home ownership in Israel feels unattainable. A chronic housing crisis has seen real estate prices double over the past decade, while the banks demand mortgage down-payments of 25-40%; an insurmountable barrier for hundreds of thousands of young families.   

Ogen La’Bayit helps young and struggling Israeli families from modest backgrounds to become first-time, financially responsible homeowners, through personal financial coaching and practical guidance.

Ogen believes that home ownership should not be an impossible dream. It should be an asset that can help struggling families put down roots, make room to save monthly and create a positive financial legacy for the next generation.  

Right across society, these are low and middle income households with the ability to comfortably repay a monthly mortgage but little prospect of raising the capital for a down-payment. For people from modest financial backgrounds – including those from immigrant communities such as the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, Arab Israelis and the Ultra-Orthodox – this situation is even more acute. 

Additionally, For families who can afford monthly mortgage payments, but struggle with massive down payments – and who complete the Ogen La’Bayit financial literacy program – Ogen’s Social Loan Fund provides supplementary optional low-interest loans to help make first-time-buyer down-payments attainable.


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“The people at Ogen La’Bayit helped our family become first-time homeowners by standing with us and guiding us every step of the way. On behalf of my family; thank you.”

Chaya and Ronel